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Girls aged between 10-15 are invited to enjoy at day at St Patrick's College Townsville participating in an exciting line-up of STEM workshops delivered by leading institutions and specialists.



Drones & RUVs in Marine Science - Presented by Professor Jeremy Vanderwal, James Cook University
Learn how to use remotely operated vehicles and drones in Marine Science

Forensic Anatomy - Presented by Dr Alexandra Trollope, James Cook University
Learn analytical techniques involved in examining a skeleton to solve a crime

Robotic Prosthetics - Presented by Professor Fabian Vasvuian,  University of Queensland
Design and construct a robotic arm and use it in challenge

Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering - Presented by Ms Heather Muir, GHD  (Special guest speaker)  Sponsored by Mater Health Services North Qld

Design & Engineering for Humanitarianism - Presented by LTCOL Jen Harris, the Australian Defence Force
Learn about bridge design and engineering for humanitarian assistance

Lego Mindstorm Robotics & Coding - Presented by Dr Jay Burmeister, St Patrick's College


8.30am      Registrations and introductions
9.00am      Principal's Address
9.15am      Special Guest Presenter - Ms Heather Muir, sponsored by Mater Health Services
9.15am      Icebreaker activities led by Year 11 students
10.30am    Morning tea (provided)
11.00am    Workshop 1
12.30pm    Lunch (provided)
1.00pm      Workshop 2
2.30pm     Q&A Panel with Guest Presenter and Workshop Presenters
3.00pm      Finish

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Workshops - Please select your preferences

We have 7 workshops on offer and as each has a capacity, they will be allocated on a first-in basis. Please number your preferences on the drop-down box.

Workshop 1: Engineering for Humanitarianism - Presented by Australian Defence Force The workshop will centre on a common ADF mission, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Mission (HADR), and investigate some key STEM challenges that are faced by ADF personnel planning and executing this type of task. In particular, this workshop will focus the immediate need to provide shelter, access to fresh water for consumption and medical facilities; as well as planning for the provision of this aid to the population in need. A swift response to natural disasters is key in the effected area’s recovery and assists the population to returning to some form of normalcy post incident.

Workshop 2:Counter-Explosive Hazards - Presented by the Australian Defence Force This workshop focuses on search capability and uncovering dangerous objects that may be placed in the ground by adversaries. The workshop will explain the science and technology behind explosives that lay beneath the surface, how to detect them, how to interrogate and collect evidence. Search is an integral capability of a combat engineer within the Australian Defence Force. Utilising science and technology, we can create a safe path for soldiers and civilians to walk upon.

Workshop 3: The Secret Life of Turtles and Sharks - Presented by James Cook University Turtles? Who would have thought...? This workshop will focus on the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the survival of sea turtle adults and babies - some factors will surprise you! Sharks - friend or foe? Depends on who you are! This workshop will examine a number of factors that make sharks awesome. Migration - whales, sharks, turtles. Be amazed at where whales, sharks and turtles travel to during their lifetime. The reasons for some of these migrations will amaze you.

Workshop 4: Forensic Anatomy - Presented by James Cook University Human bones have been discovered in the outback. Your job is to provide the police with as much information about these bones as possible. What bones are present? Can you work out if they were an adult or child, a man or a woman? How old were they when they died? How tall were they? Are there any distinguishing features of the skeleton that can help the police identify this person or how they died? Did they die a natural or violent death? This workshop will investigate just how much information our bones can tell us. We will explore the anatomy of bones including their microscopic structure and have access to an anatomy app to increase you knowledge of the human skeleton.

Workshop 5: Waste to Water - Presented by James Cook University This workshop will illustrate the importance of waste transformation into value added products (biochar, bio-oil and biogas). The final product biochar (similar to charcoal) has many applications such as soil amelioration, water purification and desalination. Using biochar for water purification is a potential low-cost and sustainable solution and can be implemented in any part of the world, so everyone can have access to drinkable water. The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate the importance of developing environmentally friendly and simple solutions for major global problems such as access to safe and clear water.

Workshop 6: "Build to Fly" Drones - Presented by JAR Aerospace The Build to Fly Workshop is designed to provide a snapshot of the possibilities with UAS ('drone') platforms in today's industries. The workshop allows students to learn hands on; assembling, coding and flying the JOEY Drones, encouraging the pursuit of STEM education and gaining enthusiasm for future technological careers. The use of our very own JOEY education drone provides a foundation of drone and UAS knowledge directly relatable to JAR Aerospace’s current customized industry UAS platforms.

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