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Delivering a Contemporary Learning Environment

We believe technology is a vital element in the modern learning process. Therefore we provide facilities for students to engage in technology in a safe, contemporary learning environment.

All classrooms at St Patrick’s College are technology-driven. The entire campus, including the central Mercy Courtyard is Wi-Fi connected.  The Mercy Courtyard features several huts with powering stations where girls can recharge their devices during breaks. 

Teachers often use the outdoor areas for small breakout lessons or workshops. At St Patrick’s College we believe that students will learn in any environment in which they feel comfortable. We therefore take full advantage of our beach side location and beautiful outdoor areas by using these as additional learning spaces where appropriate.


The College has a compulsory Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in order to further empower students to take control of how they use technology in their learning. These devices will be used in classrooms to support student learning. Students are required to sign an ICT Agreement that sets out how the device can be used at school. IT Support staff will be available to provide assistance so that students are able to connect to the College network and access the required free software for the device. However, the school does not manage, support, own or provide warranty for the device.


The device must meet the following specifications:

These applications and tools are available for free as all students are eligible to access Microsoft Office 365. Students can install Microsoft’s Movie Maker. Students may be required to install free versions of subject specific applications or bookmark websites.  A protective case is recommended.

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