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Pastoral Care

Positive Psychology

Strong, healthy and supportive relationships within and beyond the College community are at the core of our culture. 

Our approach to student well-being is based on a ‘Positive Psychology’ approach.  Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing. It is grounded in the belief that people want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives and that happiness is obtained through a natural building up of our well-being and satisfaction with life.

Through this commitment to student well-being, our pastoral leaders and teachers work toward supporting students to make good and healthy choices, to develop self-respect and respect for others, to engage with and relate to others, to find fulfilment in creativity and contribution and to learn to deal with life’s setbacks and adversities.

Our students in all year levels participate in camps whereby individual leadership qualities are nurtured and developed in line with our pastoral care program.

Our Pastoral Team

We have four Heads of Houses who work closely with Home Room teachers, our Counsellor, Heads of Faculty, classroom teachers and parents/carers to provide a safe, supporting and nurturing environment.

Vertical Home Rooms

Our Home Room structure is vertical in line with each of our College Houses – Dominations, Principalities, Thrones and Powers.  Students will be assigned to a House and a Home Room consisting of students from Years 7-12 in that House. This provides a daily buddy structure with younger students developing relationships with their older peers. This also gives our older students the opportunity to develop mentoring skills.

Home & College Partnership

We believe the partnership between school and home is vital in ensuring your daughter’s educational experience is positive and enriching. Parents are regularly invited to participate in the life of the College through attending assemblies and special events, being involved in the P&F and participating in regular academic conferences with their daughter’s teachers.  

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