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It is essential that students are dressed in full and correct uniform - both academic and sport.

A new College uniform has been introduced. There will be a transition period of two years (2017 and 2018) where the former uniform can be worn. It is an expectation that students will wear a complete set of either the old or new academic uniform.

Students who represent the College offsite and for special occasions will be required to wear a complete set of a new Academic Uniform.

The College panama hat must be worn to and from school, walking to and from class, during break times and when directed by College staff to do so. It is an expectation that during Physical Education practical lessons the College sports hat will be worn. Other sun-safe procedures should be observed at all times.

A list of the correct College uniform is outlined below, or available as an attachment (scroll down) for printing.

College panama hat College panama hat
College navy knee-length skirt College navy skirt
College navy and white striped blouse  College white blouse
College tie College tie
Black lace-up leather shoes Black lace-up leather shoes
White ankle socks with turn-down cuff White ankle socks with turn-down cuff
College jumper College jumper
College blazer
Navy or white hair ties/ribbons Navy or white hair ties/ribbons
College school bag
College sports (house) hat College sports (house) hat
College navy sports shorts College navy sports shorts
College sports (house) polo shirt College sports (house) polo shirt
Sports shoes (no canvas shoes) Sports shoes (no canvas shoes)
White ankle socks with turn-down cuffs White ankle socks with turn-down cuffs
One-piece swimsuit One-piece swimsuit


  • Hair must be of a natural colour tone and style (No bleach, foils, highlights or tints) The College reserves the right to decide whether styles and/or colours are unacceptable.
  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back
  • Hair ribbons and other accessories must be navy blue or white


  • Small religious cross/medallion on a fine chain may be worn, however should not be visible.
  • A watch/fitness tracker can be worn
  • One pair of small stud earrings or plain sleepers (small circle earrings) worn as a standard lobe piercing only (No upper lobe, tragus, helix, forward helix or non-standard lobe)
  • All other facial piercings are not permitted.
  • Sunglasses may be worn to and from school and during break times


  • No lipstick, obvious make-up (including mascara) or coloured nail polish is to be worn.
  • No artificial nails or tattoos.


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